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Strong Middle JavaScript Developer





We are looking for a Strong Middle JavaScript developer to join SNfiller team.

SNfiller is a pdf-document editor mainly targeting the USA market and business customers. Over the past six months, the team has implemented a lot:

– Page Management – the ability to manage pages in documents, for example, delete them, rotate pages, or merge documents;

– Switched to React 17; in plans to prepare and migrate to React 18;

– Added reading a pdf-document for people with disabilities;

– Product redesign in progress;



– Add the ability to leave comments;

– Functionality for setting editor styles depending on the settings of the organization in which the user is located;

– Migration from JS to TS;


The team consists of Programming Team Lead, AQA Lead, QA Lead, 4 JavaScript Devs, 3 Manual QAs, 3 AQAs, and 2 Markup Devs.


Tech stack: React 17, Redux, Redux-saga, Redux-thunk, reselect, Jest, lodash, Webpack.



– Collaborate with the team to build new features;

– Maintain good code quality and stay up to date with the latest technology and trends;

– Work with performance and troubleshooting;



– At least 3 years of JS programming experience;

– Experience with React, Redux, Redux-saga, Redux-thunk, reselect;

– Experience with JEST testing;

– Ability to work with REST;

– Familiarity with Git;

– Knowledge about web accessibility;

– Good understanding of algorithms and data structures;


It will be a plus:

– TypeScript;

– TeamCity;

– Docker;

– GitHub-actions