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Middle/Senior JavaScript Developer



We are looking for a Strong Middle JavaScript developer to join JSfiller team.

JSfiller is a document editor that works for several different products simultaneously. The editor consists of many components that require constant support and development.


Tech stack:

— JavaScript, TypeScript, Babel;

— React (16 version), Hooks;

— Redux, redux-saga, redux-thunk, reselect;

— Jest for testing, Enzyme for components;

— PDF.JS, lodash, nerdamer, moment, and other additional libraries;

— Webpack 4, SSR, and HMR;

— Git / Gitflow, GitHub;

— CI for tests and ESlint (airbnb-preset) and review of pull requests;

— Communication with API via WebSocket;

— TeamCity;

— Jira;


The team consists of  Project manager, Architect, 2 Team Leads, 2 Senior JS Devs, 3 Middle+ JS Devs, 1 Middle JS Dev, and 1 Jun+ JS Dev + direct communication with QA and Markup teams.



– Collaborate with the team to build new features;

– Maintain good code quality and stay up to date with the latest technology and trends;

– Work with performance and troubleshooting;



– At least 3 years of JS programming experience;

– Experience with React, Redux (thunk, saga), Flux;

– Familiarity with Git;

– Good understanding of algorithms and data structures;

– Experience with common front-end development tools such as Webpack, npm/yarn, etc.;

– Experience with WebSockets;

– Experience with unit testing;

– Experience in software architecture design;

– Ability to understand business requirements and concepts and translate those into technical solutions;

– Experience in working with heavy-load projects;


It will be a plus:

– TypeScript;