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Hi there! 

We are the biggest European Python Powerhouse with over 17 years of experience, several offices in Poland and deep commitment to Agile principles. Join a group of 500+ professionals dedicated to helping customers build outstanding products.

Are you the NEXT one?


Regular:up to 16 800 zł + VAT

Senior:up to 25 200 zł + VAT


Must have:

  • Have commercial experience in React Native.
  • Familiarity with state/data management libraries (Redux etc.).
  • Strong knowledge of the latest JavaScript standards and libraries.
  • Experience with TypeScript – 100% of RN projects in STX Next are developed in TypeScript.
  • Practical knowledge of unit testing in React using Jest and React Native Testing Library.
  • Knowledge of functional programming paradigms.
  • Ability to write clean, readable and testable code.
  • Communicative English (B2).

  Nice to have:

  • Experience with GraphQL and Apollo Client.
  • Experience with app automation tools, like Bitrise.
  • Familiarity with app management tools: Google Play Console and Apple AppStore Connect.
  • Experience with Detox E2E tests.
  • Knowledge of app configuration in Android Studio and Xcode.

What does working for us look like?

  • Cooperate with best and very experienced React Native developers – we do code review, pair programming, internal workshops, hackathons, tech talks and we are great enthusiasts of this technology.
  • Work in Agile based methodologies and only in React Native projects.
  • Various kinds of projects – from startup based if you like constant changes and new challenges to corporate if you prefer stability.
  • Developer friendly process – Unit tests, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and E2E tests.
  • Various growth options not only directly in software development –  you can work as technical recruiter, work on project estimation, write technical articles, or take part in sales processes and meet with potential clients.
  • Work on dedicated tools – MacBook Pro.