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JavaScript Developer with Vue.js


We are looking for a JavaScript Developer with Vue.js to join our team and help us create elegant and efficient web applications.



  • Create and maintain scalable, tested Single Page Applications
  • Work in a highly collaborative team with fellow designers, project managers, backend, QAs and front-end developers on state-of-the-art web products
  • Be a part of the team which is one of the 4 official js partners recommended by the Vue.js team
  • Drive innovation and improvements in our projects and development processes
  • Learn & grow with other team members during our knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Jointly define developers’ best practices
  • Have an opportunity to become a mentor for other, less experienced developers
  • Be a vital part of our code review process



  • Extensively experienced with Vue.js and TypeScript
  • Skilled with HTML, CSS and modular JS
  • Familiar with various HTML5 APIs
  • Experienced with ECMAScript 2015 (or newer)
  • Aware of state management patterns and solutions
  • Aware of and can work with front-end development tools like webpack and Babel
  • Fluent with responsive webdesign
  • Experienced with testing methodologies dedicated to the front-end world (JS Unit tests, E2E tests)
  • Equipped with real-world git experience
  • Comfortable with a highly iterative agile methodology that includes providing time estimates and managing feedback loops
  • Communicating well in English (both written and spoken)
  • Ready to discuss and iterate over your ideas during code reviews



  • Experience in JavaScript-based mobile development (React Native, Hybrid apps, PWA, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails/Node.js
  • Deep curiosity for user experience and crafting products that delight
  • Experience with large-scale Single Page Applications



  • JavaScript
  • Vue


  • Hi5 sabbatical leave

After being a Monterailian for 5 years, you get an additional full 1-month paid leave as a thank you for being on this journey with us.

  • Relocation package
    We always have your back, whether you’re moving countries or cities. If you decide to work from our office in Wrocław (Poland), we’ll help you relocate. Check for more info on our blog.
  • Self-development
    We know how important it is to learn, so you have 5 hours of self-development time a month all for yourself. Access to MonteLibrary and Udemy included!
  • Private healthcare
    Your well-being is important, so we co-finance your medical plan in one of the biggest private healthcare groups in Poland.
  • Mental wellness
    Mental health is important and we want to make sure yours is taken care of. We provide you with online psychological support through free online psychological support.
  • English and Polish classes with a native speaker
    Our internal communication is mostly in English, that’s why you should learn from the best. Polish classes are also an option.
  • Employee referral program
    Got a friend that you’d see working at Monterail? We got something for you as a thank you in return.



  • Transparent Development Path
    Our Personal Growth Framework can help advise on which way to go. With routine peer reviews, you can make sure to get constant feedback.
  • Mentoring
    You’ll have the support of a mentor who will guide you on your development path. People team will help you out in any soft-skill matters as well.
  • Remote work
    You can work fully remotely. It doesn’t matter where you are, but what you do.
  • Flexible working hours
    We’ve got flexible schedules. It’s up to you how you organize your work, as long as you and your team are happy with the results.
  • Knowledge sharing
    Weekly roundups, Dev meetings, Newsletters, Roundtables and a lot more knowledge sharing.
  • Cooleaf rewards program
    We give kudos and make sure to appreciate our colleagues. In return, exchange your kudos points for rewards.
  • Top-class hardware
    Whether you’re an MBP or Windows person, you’ll get hardware tailored to your needs.
  • Conferences
    Whether you’ll be a participant or speaker – we will co-finance this adventure with you.
  • Integration budget for teams
    Successful projects don’t just happen without a well-knit team – each team gets a budget to have some good time together.
  • No overtime
    We encourage work-life balance, so you can enjoy your time working here and spend your afternoons in any way you want.