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DevOps Engineer



In short

Our DevOps team is 30+ highly qualified world-class specialists who have deployed 4 products in AWS and made infrastructure for them for a public audience of 60+ million people.

And we are now looking for reinforcements in the form of 2 DevOps Engineers.



Now it is 30+ people who are divided into 7 separate sub-teams, each of which is engaged in its own direction and each of which has its own lead. All of these teams are limited to 3 PMs and one architect. We also have a team of Technical Support Engineers who are in fact the first DevOps line and take on most of the routine work.


What you need to do

Create and maintain infrastructure using the concept of Infrastructure as a code, create basic infrastructure modules, run projects in AWS.


Tech Stack

AWS, Docker, Terraform/Terragrunt, Linux, TeamCity/Github Actions, ELK, MySQL, bash/python, Kafka/RabbitMQ, NGINX.